Friday, April 30, 2010


The other night Lawson woke up hungry around 2:00 am (which he usually doesn't do), so I fed him and put him back down. Right when I was about to get back in bed I heard the dogs going crazy outside. A few weeks ago some cars were broken in to in our neighborhood and that same night our dogs kept barking and barking but we had no clue that they were trying to tell us something. Adam just kept telling them to be quiet! So... when they started barking the other night I got worried. I looked outside and they were looking through the fence like they saw something. I got scared and woke Adam up and told him the dogs are barking and I think someone is outside! He grabs his gun and runs outside (in his boxers). I proceed to call 911 to ask them if they can send a cop to drive through our neighborhood just to check it out because our dogs were barking like they did when all the cars got broken in to. After I get off the phone I go outside to make sure my husband is still alive (Lawson is sleeping through all this commotion!). As I look around the side of our house I see Adam and a little fluffy white dog that weighed no more than 5 pounds running away! I laughed and hurried inside before the cops came because I had called 911 on a little dog!

Monday, April 26, 2010

"I'm a genie in a bottle, baby, you gotta rub me the right way..."

Okay, so I said I would never be one of those moms who rocked their child to sleep as a baby because you would always have to do that to get them to sleep... even when they are 5 years old. So... starting at 2 weeks old, Adam and I would just put Lawson down and let him "cry it out." Before you think we are terrible parents, we would never let him go longer than fifteen minutes without checking on him. Thanks to Adam, we figured out that Lawson loves his head being rubbed and it helps him fall asleep. So we have been succumbed into "head rubbing" our baby to sleep. We start out with good intentions and put him in the crib and walk out. After about 5 minutes of whimpering, I always am suckered back in to rub his head until he falls asleep. At least with rocking you are sitting down! Rubbing a head is hard on your back and your arms become very sore. If Lawson wakes up in the middle of the night I rush in to "rub" him back to sleep before he gets too worked up. I can only imagine 5 years down the road when we are still rubbing his head until he falls asleep.

First Blog

I have decided to give in and start a blog. Don't know how many people are really interested in reading about our crazy life! If you do not know, Adam and I have a new addition to our family, Lawson. Lawson is almost 10 weeks old and is the greatest blessing ever. We love him SO much. Lately our house has been filed with confusion! We have decided to try and sale our house. We recently listed it with a Realtor. Not knowing when someone might want to "stop by" is hard. Trying to always keep the house clean with a newborn is very difficult and tiring. Nap time consists of me trying to straighten up, wash clothes, clean dishes, and always keeping the house looking nice. And as Adam can tell you this leads to a very tired mom who becomes hard to live with :) (sorry Adam!) With Lawson I have had trouble breastfeeding him because I don't deal with pain well. Lately I have been pumping and feeding him bottles, but then I got tired of cleaning parts and bottles and I began to feel like a cow always being "milked." Last night I decided I am going to breastfeed him no matter how painful it is! It took lots of frustrated cries from Lawson and Mommy, but he finally gave in and realized he wasn't going to get a bottle. I hope he will continue to nurse since he did become used to the easiness of the bottle. Sorry if that is TMI. lol.