Monday, June 28, 2010

$50/ week challenge

I have decided to begin a $50 budget per week for groceries (food, cleaning supplies, toiletries, diapers,etc.). I know I have to blog about it or I will not keep track of my spending. I am going to "try" to update 3 times a week because I usually shop at CVS, Kroger, and Publix each week. Sometimes I shop at Target but it's very rare. So today I was very excited after my CVS trip. Out of pocket only $1.13 and bought 13 items! Let me roadmap it for you.

3 Aveeno Shampoos $6.49
- (3) $1.50 coupons
1 Aveeno Face Wash $6.99
- $2 coupon
Bounty Paper Towels 8 pack $5.97
- $2 CVS coupon
Pampers Jumbo Pack $8.99
-$1.50 coupon
Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner $2.50
-$1 coupon
Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel Kit $2.50 (FYI this stuff is awesome... makes bathroom smell clean all the time and you don't have to scrub toilets either!)
2 Ziploc Freezer Bags 2/$5
3 CVS brand candy bags on clearance 75% off (didn't really NEED this candy but i could not pass up gummy peach rings for only $.13 for all 3 bags)
-$19 left from my $25 CVS gift card for transferred prescription (you can do this back and forth between different pharmacies and continue receiving this FREE money!)
Total Value Purchased $74.02
Total Spent $1.13 + $10 Extra Care Bucks
- $5 SC Johnson Mail in Rebate
- $10 Aveeno Mail in Rebate
Total after MIR $13.87 money maker + $10 ECB

Happy Couponing :)

Also: Pics from our AWESOME trip to Helen, GA! A very fun and relaxing time in the mountains :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why I have not posted in FOREVER

So Adam got this crazy idea to build a goldfish pond in our backyard. After digging in hard southern clay for 3 days (with the help of great neighbors) we finally finished. I am pretty impressed with the final product and I have to admit I love watching the 10... i mean 9, goldfish swim and listening to the fountain. Lawson also loves the water too! So whats up with the missing goldfish??? Well our wonderful, i mean terrible, chewing, digging dog, Duke, loves water. The other day I look outside to see a VERY wet dog. As I hurry outside I look at the pond to find the fountain and lights knocked over and one poor little goldfish floating in the water. Duke had decided to cool off and try to eat a goldfish. Needless to say, Duke got in BIG trouble andwe are now down to 9 goldfish.

After building the bond we decided to build a retaining wall to plant bushes behind and to put our herb garden in, hopefully high enough to keep Duke out of. Thanks again to some more great neighbors, this is the finished result. (excuse the cheesy signs, but i'm not the artist)

So if you can't tell, we are in a crafty mood. We both love to always be doing something whether it be working outside in the yard or... sewing! This past weekend I decided I wanted to sew Lawson an outfit. My neighbor loves sewing ( and has sparked my interest. With the help of my mom this is what I made.

I was very proud of it! My sister is going to put Lawson's monogram on it for me and I hope it will fit him for his 6 month pictures. He is growing SO fast! Every morning Adam and I think he looks like he grew overnight! I hope to get a sewing machine for my birthday, July 17, if anybody was wondering ;), so I can make him more outfits. It's so fun to start out with just fabric and create something.

We also have picked from our garden asparagus beans, banana peppers, and cherry tomatoes. Enough to actually eat a meal! We also canned pickles and squash! Yummy!! Adam also stumbled upon a blackberry bush in our neighborhood and picked a whole bag full. They are in the freezer right now, but I am planning on making jam one day! Sometimes I wish all day every day I could just sew, cook, and coupon... oh yeah and care for Lawson! I want to be the stereotypical stay at home mom... hint hint Adam!