Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pardon the progress...

I am trying to redo my blog and make it more "professional." I'm hoping that I can attract more traffic and get more involved in the blog world! I am going to change my blog title to "Simply Sweet", but just wanted to give everyone the heads up before I did it!! Trust me though... I'll definitely still be a "Crazy Cook", haha! Let me know what you think?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Can it get any sweeter??

This afternoon while we were playing outside (Lawson's LOVES outside), I was able to snap some super cute pictures! I love this little guy more than words can describe! His personality is blossoming everyday and he is growing more and more into "Lawson" and I am loving everything about him! He laughs and smiles literally all the time and he is starting to try and stand up! Hope these sweet smiles can brighten your day! Hope everyone had a great day! And I would say Happy Friday, but Friday in our household is just another day of the week when your husband works on Saturdays :(.

Monday, October 18, 2010

saving some $$ on meat

I'm sure everyone knows by now that meat is super pricey these days.  I'm pretty good at couponing and saving money on everything else... except meat! I just always seem to wonder up and down the meat aisle trying to find something reasonably priced that's not full of fat and is somewhat edible (not chitlins!!)  I for one could give up meat, but with a man to feed,  meat must be part of the meal. I try to stock up when meat goes on sale, but I either forget it's in the freezer or don't leave enough time to defrost it! So lately I have been "stretching" my ground meat. This isn't something new and I'm not brilliant for doing this, but I just wanted to let people know that it does work and it's tasty! Whenever I'm using ground beef to make something like meatballs, hamburgers, tacos etc. I will add a can of black beans , drained and mashed ( if needed)  to make more "meat". For example, last week I used 1/3 lb of ground beef mixed with half a can of mashed beans (and bread crumbs, eggs, seasonings, etc.) to make meatballs for meatball subs. We had enough to make two huge sandwiches and even had lots of leftover meatballs! I didn't even tell Adam I did it and he had no clue (until he reads this of course). Tonight, we are having tacos (you know the taco kits). The instructions say to use 1 lb. of meat but I always just use 1/2 lb with one can of beans!  This makes it healthier since beans are full of good protein and fiber and they are only like 60 cents a can! and no, we don't eat ground beef with beans every meal cause that would be weird and boring! Anybody else have any good tips on saving money on meat? I would LOVE to know!!!

and the winner is...

Meredith over at The Kelton's Cozy Cottage!! I'm so excited to either bake you something sweet or make something for your sweet "soon to be here" baby! Thanks for everyone who entered! Check back often, because I'm already thinking of doing another giveaway soon!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Don't forget!!

Tonight, I am ending the giveaway at 10:00 pm! Hurry if you want a chance to win either a free cake or applique!!! Check it out Crazy Cooks: GIVEAWAY!! I will post the results in the morning!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


It has been really great being able to stay at home while Lawson is so young and I would not trade it for the world! But let's face it... I can't stay at home forever... unless I find a way to make money doing it! Hmmm... so I'm going to try and boost my blog and host a giveaway! Okay, as of now I only have 11 followers, that's right 11! I think it's time to fix that! I'm going to offer up a chance to win some great freebies to help spread the word! What will you win? Well you actually get to choose one of two things:

1. If you live in the Auburn/Opelika area you can enter to win a 2 layer cake (chocolate, yellow, or red velvet with either chocolate, vanilla, or cream cheese buttercream) if your not a "cake" type of person I'm sure we can work something out :)

2. A Halloween or Christmas applique on a white tshirt (long of short sleeved) or onesie with a monogram! (sizes nb - 4T)

How can you enter to win this awesome stuff?? You have 3 chances to enter the giveaway!
1. Simply "follow" my blog and leave me a comment saying you want to win!
2. "Like" Simply Sweet on facebook and post a comment on my page!
3. Spread the word... post about my giveaway either on facebook or your own blog and email me to let me know (!

So there it is... 3 chances to win some awesome stuff! I will post the results Monday morning... so you have until Sunday evening to enter! Happy Thursday!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Home again, home again!

After being at the beach for over a week, it sure was hard to come home! Lawson really loved the ocean and sand. Apparently sand tastes good according to Lawson.. haha!

I am so glad Adam was able to spend both weekends with us and see Lawson at the beach. If y'all don't know, Adam LOVES the ocean... well, just water in general, and I know he was thrilled that Lawson loves it too! I hope they grow up to be best friends and can enjoy activities together, such as fishing!
While at the beach, Lawson was able to spend lots of time with MiMi and Big Daddy and even give Mommy extra time to sew and applique! I was able to sew a shopping cart/highchair cover that ended up being so much easier than I thought.
It is reversible with the cutest monkey pattern on one side and giraffe print on the other. I had a lot of extra giraffe fabric leftover and I am planning to make Lawson some pants and then put a giraffe applique on a shirt to match!

I also was able to finish a jon jon and add the most adorable, I mean boyish, helicopter applique with Lawson's name monogrammed under it!

While at the beach, we not only celebrated my Dad's bday, but also my nephew's 2nd bday. I baked a BIG cupcake cake and decorated it while we were there. I think it turned out super cute!

It's nice to be home, but I sure do miss waking up to an ocean view and eating good seafood!