Wednesday, May 26, 2010

mastering the art of couponing

If you don't already know, couponing can save you TONS of money and actually get you FREE stuff! After my sister got me started with using coupons, I have become addicted to it. You can ask Adam. If I am not tending to Lawson, I am searching the internet and newspapers for coupons. This week I have "bought" free body wash, free face wash, free deodorant, and got two jumbo packages of Huggies diapers for only $4.00 each! And it's not off brand things, it's all name brand stuff that I used to think I couldn't afford. Yesterday at Kroger my total before coupons was around $87.00 and after coupons it was around $50.00! (and that included diapers!) I'm telling you, if you don't already do it check out She explains it all and tells you what coupons to use and where to get them. Once you get started and realize how much money you can save and how many things you can actually get free, you will become addicted as well. For example, this week at Kroger Dove deodorant is on sale for $2.00 and there is a coupon online for $2 off dove deodorant which makes it FREE! You should really check out this site if you want to score some good deals! My favorite place to coupon is CVS because of their Extra Care Bucks. With ECB you don't have to spend much money out of pocket. This week at CVS sobe life water is buy one get one free and there is a coupon online for buy one get one free sobe life water. So this week I got four bottles for FREE, didn't pay a dime! I just had to share how great couponing can be!