Sunday, June 5, 2011

dresser remake

Saturday I decided Lawson needed a new dresser since he will soon be "kicked" out of the nursery by Fischer. I have lately been reading so many blogs that turn thrift store finds into beautiful pieces of furniture. So, Saturday we headed to the antique/thrift store and found a perfect "kid size" dresser for $27! I was beyond thrilled at how cheap it was and how good of condition it was in! I got really excited about redoing the dresser and headed to Lowe's to purchase some spray paint and a mask for the fumes since preggos aren't supposed to be around paint... especially the super strong fumes of spray paint. Here is a lovely picture of what I wore all night.
After the little one went to bed I began my project. I first sanded the entire dresser with 150 grit sandpaper to remove the glossy finish. I meant to take a before picture but I got too excited and didn't remember until after I had sanded the drawers. 
After she was completely sanded I wiped it down and (with my mask on) primed the entire thing with Kilz spray primer. I found out that Kilz sort of leaves a sandpapery feel to it so after priming it I sanded it with one of those foam hand sanders to get it smooth. This is what I had before I went to bed.
During Lawson's nap today I started on it again. I first spray painted it with Glossy White spray paint... it took about 3-4 coats. I found that thin coats... all though it takes much longer.... prevents the drips and streaks. It gives it a real "professional" spray look without looking like you used spray paint. After coating the entire thing which took about an hour, I decided that it needed a little color. So, I taped around the edges of the top of the dresser and then painted the top an avocado green which will match Lawson's quilt. After everything was dry, I began to add a brown glaze. I found it worked best by brushing it on with a paint brush and then wiping up the excess with a wet rag (or in my case a t-shirt) and then using a dry one get kind of "clean it up" and get the desired look you want. I made sure to leave a lot of glaze in the nooks and crannies to make the distressed parts of it pop! I then spray painted the hardware with a metallic ( it think it was called "hammered")color to match the glaze better.Before the handles were gold. Okay... here is the finished result!

I was a little iffy about using spray paint as I have not had much luck with it before, but after learning how to properly use it, I fell in love! It is so much easier than brushing on paint and dries so quickly! You can actually finish an entire project during nap time! It also leaves a really smooth, professional look.  Can you tell I was a little too excited about this project!? Hope you like it!
Dresser: $27
Spray paint and primer: ~ $22
Glaze: Already had
Total: ~ $49!!

PS. It is supposed to look kind of old and dirty. That's the glaze!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

long time no see...

With a VERY active 15 month old, school, trying to sell our house, and pregnancy, I have had a hard time getting the dishes done, let alone write on my blog! Anywho... Lawson is growing so fast and amazes me everyday. He is learning new words everyday and his new favorites are tree, book, duck, and shoe. Well it's really "ree", "boo", "duh",and "sooh"... so cute! He has learned how to ride his powerwheel and how to pick "bahs" (balls or tomatoes/strawberries). Anything round is a "bah" and we must play with it! He loves playing vacuum too... he finds some toy, such as a bat, and walks around the house pushing it on the ground and making the "mmmmm" sound. I think I need to teach him how to use the real vacuum; if only there was a way to keep him away from the cord! Lawson loves to eat anything and we found out recently that he LOVES carrot and raisin salad... crazy, I know. I had never made this, but they have it at Chick-fil-A where he tried it. When I found out he loved it, I quickly found a recipe (shredded carrots, raisins, crushed pineapple, a lil mayo, lemon juice, salt/pepper, and a lil sugar) and made it for him and he gobbled it up! Today he fell asleep in my arms while we were reading books before bed, which he hasn't done since he was probably 5 months old! It was so sweet and I just wanted to hold him forever and not put him down!

Adam graduated in May and we are so proud of him! He has worked full time, supported his family, and earned his degree all at the same time! He starts his new job next Wednesday and we are super excited! I'm glad he is finally going to have some weekends off! He also is going to be loving what he does. I believe that one should enjoy what they do... if you are not happy with your job if will reflect in your life. No matter if you make billions of dollars or just enough to get by, do what makes you happy! 

Our cousins have moved close by and we are enjoying spending time with them. I hope Lawson will grow up to be best friends with them! They are teaching Lawson so much and he loves playing with them. School is going well and I am loving the summer semester. Campus is not crowded and you don't have to fight for a parking spot. It's only 10 weeks longs and I will then be one semester closer to being DONE! Hooray! I have lately been appliqueing a bunch! I have made Lawson 3 shirts to go with some hand-me-down shorts made by my sister. I think I have decided that I love little shorts and shirts that go together. They are super cute and are easy to get on and off... no buttons or snaps! I appliqued a helicopter, sailboat, and crab shirt. They all turned out super cute and only took a few minutes! Already having the shorts made for a cute new outfit for Lawson. 

Sorry for the rambled post. So much has happened lately and I didn't want y'all to miss out :)! Hope everyone is doing well! Anyone got any good chocolate recipes?  I've been in the mood to try some different desserts! Here are pics from our recent trips to the strawberry patch and GA Aquarium.